first post

So here I am finally! I’ve always entertained the idea of starting a blog on makeup, skincare, food, travel, our pets and love (the list goes on and on) but I was always too lazy to actually start it. I’ve been uninspired and creatively challenged for roughly several years now. I used to be into blogging, making graphics and web-designing but it’s really been a while. I just fell out of love with it. I’ve always wanted to start anew and get inspired again but never did anything about it.

However, I had my first crazy haul of ┬áKorean products today and the boyfriend kept urging me to start one. Actually, he’s been doing it for a while. He said people would actually read it (don’t know about that). Either way, this can be a blog for me to in a way monitor how long I’ve used certain products and whether or not they are effective. Additionally, I can rant about the many restaurants I’ve eaten at that I would warn people to never try (I’ve got a picky palate!) and my love for dogs, what it’s like dating a guy who’s sometimes so opposite of me…so who knows what will become of it. The boyfriend said he will be a contributor as well. Since we love eating and traveling (although we don’t do enough of it at all, traveling I mean), hopefully this blog will serve as our diary too. Anywho, time for pictures!

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