VDL Haul & Product Discussion

This is actually not a recent haul, in fact it was a haul done over a year ago. I just never got around to posting about it. And now that I want to, I’m a tad bit too late. I was scanning some of the products I currently owned earlier looking for something I could review and the VDL Real Skin Foundation caught my attention. Unfortunately, I tossed the box that it came with a while back. Oh, how I regret it now.

So I figured I would just share the items I bought and leave the comment section available in case you have any questions about any of the products here. Even though I can’t properly review the products, I can certainly answer questions about them.


I still have 3 out of the 4 products pictured here in my possession. I used up the mascara a while back and can easily sum up its performance in a few words. If you’re interested, just leave a comment I’ll let you know how I liked it.



The VDL Real Skin Foundation comes in a few shades and at the time of my purchase, I couldn’t for my life find a place that carried the shade I wanted. So I ended up ordering from their official site. The good thing was, I received all these nice samples to try out! Except for the bottle of lotion which came with a defective pump.


A lightweight and moisturizing premium foundation that brings out the youthful glow from the skin and finishes to a naturally dewy complexion. – VDL


This foundation comes in four shades, A02, A03, V02, & M01. Mine comes in the shade V02.

1. Voluminous face injected with light
Violet Lumilayer Pigment, made by combining skin-brightening red light and blue light for clean and clear skin, creates an intensity that illuminates the face and highlights features.

2. Radiance that lasts all day
Gently illuminates the face to make skin tone look brilliant all day long. – VDL



1. Naturally transparent skin
This formula forms a balanced, light layer on the skin.

2. Using the Neo Fan Puff feels like a Makeup Artist has touched your Skin with her skilled hands
Developed by makeup artists, the neo fan puff gently brushes to express a skin texture that is softer and more natural looking.

3. Gently making soft skin
This fine formula powder lightly and evenly adheres to the skin for the smoothest, softest face. – VDL


This semi-transparent black gel serves multiple functions of a primer, top coat and fixer, offering perfect mascara hold with a natural black glossy finish minus the smudging, flaking and curl drooping. Use it with your favorite mascara to maximize performance or wear alone as an hyper-natural mascara. – VDL


Like I said, if you are curious about any of the products from this haul, just leave a comment below and I’ll reply as soon as I can.


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