[Review] Espoir Perfect Lip & Eye Remover

Dual oil and liquid layers removes both lip and eye makeup. Even tough waterproof formulas quickly and thoroughly.



Please click on the picture to enlarge the ingredient list.



Like a lot of others, if I read a lot of raved reviews on certain products, I naturally have a growing interest in them. Sometimes that curiosity is short lasting. Every now and then I act on that curiosity because I want to know if a certain product would yield the same results on me. So, below is the reason why I took interest in this product. It was another let down, probably the third one out of the Get It Beauty Blind Test Products that I’ve tried. And I think this might just be the last time I let Get It Beauty Blind Test Products coax me into spending any more money on Korean skincare or makeup products. getitbeauty


Honestly, I was a bit eager to give Espoir a try because I had never used this brand before. I see the brand quite often when I browse around for makeup however I never paid them much interest since I rarely buy makeup, I just like to browse. For those that may not be familiar with Espoir, they are marketed as a fashionable makeup brand. If you’re bored of the cute stuff and are looking for something more chic-  definitely look up their brand.

I bought the lip & eye makeup remover largely in part because of the Get It Beauty Blind Test Results. Espoir came in second after Artitaum, I decided to give the brand a try as I was in need of a makeup remover after having used up all of my Laneige Lip & Eye Makeup Remover.

While the remover is great with eye products in general, it might be a disappointment for those who wear waterproof makeup like myself. I went through the bottle quickly because I found myself using a lot of the product every day. So despite the claims that it’s an effective formula – I would say waterproof products will require a bit of work and you might not be able to remove it thoroughly the first time around.

For those with sensitive eyes, this product is quite gentle and won’t sting even if you accidentally get some it your eyes. The pump mechanism reminds me a lot of the Tony Moly Clear Water Lip and Eye Remover that I had  a while back except that this one actually requires a bit of a shake before you use it.

Here’s the good:

  • gentle on the eyes
  • does not sting
  • affordable, 12,000 KRW
  • pump makes dispensing easy

And the bad:

  • not thorough with waterproof formulas
  • each use requires a lot of product

In summary, it’s gentle on the eyes and has a great pump that makes dispensing the product easy – however, I truly believe it’s not a must have item. For the same price, you can probably find something very similar at smaller road shops such as Innisfree, The Face Shop or Etude House.



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