[Review] Laneige Lip & Eye Remover Waterproof

Thanks to a 4 day weekend, I’ve finally decided to complete and post a review I initially put together back in January. Talk about procrastination! The blog was busy for most of the summer last year and then things started happening all at once leaving me no choice but to leave my blog last on my list of priorities. I still read the comments I get from time to time and reply to the ones that I can but I’ve been truly lacking in the review department.

I really do hope to have more time to share my product experiences more frequently like before soon. With the summer quickly approaching, I’m starting to feel more adventurous like I did last year. I’ve already got my eye on a number of brands that I’ve never tried before. I still have love for some of the brands that I have reviewed extensively though such as Innisfree. Speaking of Innisfree, I just recently made a purchase that I’m looking forward to try out and share with everyone soon.

If you’ve glanced at the title, my review this time around is yet another cleansing product. I love my cleansing products.  I have repurchased this product twice and it is currently on my tops list. You’ll find out why after reading the review below but let me just tell you, I don’t know how I’ve gone all this time without ever trying a Laneige product. While I’m not a stranger to Amore Pacific brands which both Laneige and IOPE (Innisfree & Etude House as well) are under…I was always under the impression that IOPE was far more superior than Laneige. I thought that if I didn’t like IOPE (that much) there would be no reason to love Laneiege therefore I kind of shied away from their products.

But enough talking, let’s kick off this review and get to the nitty gritty. Now I know to some, removing makeup is a chore and let’s be honest, how many of us enjoy completing our chores? It’s an obligation if anything. I understand everyone has their own routine but for me, it involves a number of products and a bit of time. While I find BB cream and most of my face makeup to come off easily, the eye makeup is the one that usually stumps me. No matter how long I press my eye makeup remover against my eye, I’m always left with that stubborn residue that I have to work a little harder to remove.


Description: A lip & eye makeup remover formulated to remove waterproof/heavy makeup around eyes and lips.


** Green Tea Extracts: Extracted from carefully grown green tea leaves, Green Tea Extracts contain ample antioxidants to protect the skin that is prone to damage and trouble by harmful materials and leave it pure and clear.

** Hyacinth Extracts: Extracted by hyacinth that grows in ponds and lakes and has the natural ability to purify water, Hyacinth Extracts purify and protects the skin from heavy metal, smog, chemicals, and other harmful materials, and relieves its stress for long-lasting brightness and energy.


Shake well before use, and the double-layered liquid forms an emulsion instantly to melt and remove any type of makeup. Contains aloe extracts and chamomile extracts to protect the sensitive skin around eyes and lips and form a moisture barrier. A mild formula. Dermatologically and ophthlalomogically tested.



Products in this cleansing line “gently yet completely removes makeup and impurities and purifies the skin that is affected by pollution and contamination.

This is an incredibly mild product that has given me amazing results. It is said to be suitable for all skin types. It doesn’t sting like the water-based removers that I’ve tried in the past and doesn’t leave me with that awful oily film over my eyes either.

I use this along with my Banila B Zero It Cleanser and I have to say, I haven’t been happier with a lip & eye makeup remover and facial cleanser duo. I’ve already gone through two bottles and am on my third.  Although I’m paying much more than I ever had to for a point makeup remover, I’m satisfied and couldn’t recommend it enough.

To show you this makeup remover’s performance, I’ve applied 5 different items to my forearm as pictured below. I won’t bother showing you how this removes foundation or BB cream well simply because it wasn’t made for that.


Here I have applied a number of different products to demonstrate the effectiveness of this remover. For those who are curious, the products (from left to right) are: Tony Moly Backstage Gel Eyeliner, Maybelline the Falsies Volum’ Express Waterproof, Tony Moly Perfect Eyes Eyeliner, Peri Pera Per’s Tint Marker & Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style Lipstick


The image up top is the result of wiping the products applied with one quick stroke. For the result you see in the second picture, I held the cotton pad soaked with the cleanser on the areas where I applied the other products for a number of seconds and then gently removed everything.

As you can see, the cleanser is quite good at removing eye makeup products. All I do every time I remove my makeup is place the cotton pad soaked with the cleanser over my eyelid and gently press and hold for a number of seconds before repeating the action until everything is removed. Since I do wear a bit of eye makeup, it takes me a longer time to remove my makeup compared to those who just wear minimal eye makeup. 

What I like about this product is I don’t have to tug and pull at my eyelids and the area around my eyes to get everything removed. As delicate as the skin around our eyes is, the last thing it needs is tugging and pulling. I’ve already got enough wrinkles, thank you very much. The cleanser is gentle and it doesn’t sting when it gets near my eyes either. I’ve had that experience before and it’s not pleasant. I can’t stress enough how painless the whole experience is.

You probably noticed the lip stain left behind in the second picture posted in the collage above. While I will boast about this as a great eye makeup remover, it was unable to remove my lip tint. I have found lip tints difficult to remove. Ridiculous how they come off with great ease when worn on the lips but not when you put them on your forearm.

As always, here’s the ingredient list for those who may be allergic or looking to steer clear of certain ingredients.


Here’s the good:
– gentle
– removes waterproof eye makeup thoroughly

And the bad:
– pricey, starts at 17,000 won

If you’re looking for something gentle on your eyes, definitely give this one a try. I’ve used a number of products and I haven’t found one that I’ve liked as much. Other products included in The Cleansing Line: Laneige Fresh Brightening Cleansing Oil, Perfect Pore Cleansing Oil, Oil-free Cleansing Liquid, Multi-Cleanser and Foam Cleanser Moisture. All these items are intended for all skin types.


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