Still Here!

I apologize for the long hiatus. Something turned up late September and occupied most of my time and then came October, I was sick for nearly the entire month. It was an awful time I don’t want to remember. I just recently completed demo classes and finally freed up some time. I received a number of emails from readers asking me if things were alright and whether I was still going to write reviews. First off, I want to thank those individuals for taking time out to contact me. However, I have to give a slightly disappointing answer to those who have been anticipating more product reviews. I will continue to review products however I don’t think I’ll be posting them at the rate that I did before.

Truthfully, I’m not the type to hoard a bunch of products just for the sake of reviewing and then tossing them. I spend money on the products that you read about on my blog and I try to use all of them, good or bad (unless of course it causes immense discomfort). In the beginning, I hauled a lot of products for the sake of reviewing and it started to accumulate so I realized I had to slow down. So I definitely won’t post reviews up as often anymore because I’ve got to use up the products that I’ve got now before investing in new ones.

My skincare routine has changed somewhat due to the drier weather conditions we have here and I’m thinking about posting up another skincare routine post. So I hope you guys stick around for that and a review featuring a product from a brand that I have yet to cover.


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