[Review] Etude House Color My Brows (No. 1 Rich Brown)

Since I’m not currently trying out that many new products, the blog’s been pretty quiet lately. However, I’ve got tons of time off thanks to one of the largest holidays in Korea, Chuseok. Holidays in Korea means quiet time for individuals like me as I’m a foreigner. Since traffic is usually a monster during this time of the year because people are traveling to see their families, my safest option is to avoid crowds and said traffic by simply staying in.

Let’s kick off my first day off with a review and talk eyebrows today. I believe this is the first time I’m reviewing a brow product. I don’t even think I’ve ever talked about eyebrows at all in any of my posts. I used to neglect my eyebrows as I did my lips in the past. It just never really occurred to me to do anything with them. I mean, they are there and I don’t have a lot of taming to do so I just leave them be. However, as I age, I tend to pay more attention to those neglected areas and a couple of months ago I took a lot of interest in reading up on lip tints and more recently, I’ve been wanting to give my brows a bit more attention and affection.

Today, I bring to you Etude House Color My Brows, a gel-cream type of tint for your brows. Have you ever wanted to have your brows match your colored hair without actually going through the process of having them colored permanently? I on the other hand never cared for for the fact that my brows never matched my dyed hair but I decided to try it out once just to see if I would like it.


Brow mascara combs to set, shade and moisten brows for a refined natural look.

I seriously had no idea how popular this product was until I googled it today to see what others had to say about it. I bought it more or less on a whim and out of curiosity. It’s an affordable product and was on sale during the time I picked it up so I thought why not try out something new.  Like I said, I’m actually very low maintenance when it comes to my eyebrows. I usually fill them in with some eye shadow and that’s about it. As long as it looks like I have eye brows, I’m content.

I was completely oblivious to this type of product until I saw this one at Etude House. I almost thought it was a product exclusively made by them. However it turns out, other brands offer similar type brow products and this one was actually rated pretty low on Get it Beauty during their Blind Test segment. You can view it further down below at the end of this post and I will link Get it Beauty for those who want to see more in depth information on it (it’s all in Korean though).

etude house eye brow mascara

etude house eyebrow mascara2

No. 1 Rich Brown, No. 2 Light Brown, No. 3 Red Brown, No.4 Natural Brown (new), No.5 Blonde Brown (new)
*images from Etude House

I believe this product debuted with just two colors and then their collection grew as people’s interest grew and now there are five different colors to choose from.  The last two, No. 4 and 5 in Natural Brown and Blonde Brown are their latest additions. The color of the packaging resembles the color of the product quite closely so you can use that to gauge the color you think would be closest to the color of your hair.

eyebrowmascara2 eyebrowmascara3

As you can see, mine is in No. 1 Rich Brown, the darkest color of the bunch since my hair is dyed a rather medium-dark brown. It was dyed red-brown but a lot of the red has faded and isn’t even visible unless I’m under direct sunlight. So while I’ve got some bright reddish brown streaks, it’s medium-dark brown for the most part.


Since I haven’t had this product that long, I haven’t really noticed any drying of the product. However, other bloggers have noted that this formula dries up quite fast and that it might not last you any longer than 5 months. Do keep in mind though that the expiry period for this product is 6 months. Most mascaras last about that long too so I don’t really find that to be a bad thing.


The net weight of this product is 4.5 g as shown on the packaging. I have a feeling users won’t even be able to use all 4.5 g of it considering that the product may dry up and certain portions of it will be unreachable due to the way that it’s contained. However it is a very affordable brow tint so I would say it’s not too bad for the amount of money that you’re paying.

eyebrowmascara6 eyebrowmascara8etudehouseeyebrowmascara

I like the convenience of having an eyebrow mascara because it reduces the amount of products I normally would have to use on my brows. I usually use a separate eyebrow brush and a different eye shadow palette on my eyebrows so while it’s not that big of a bother to have to reach for it, having something contained in a small tube equipped with a brush (or wand) is incredibly convenient. I also find that this color matches my hair quite well. To the point that it looks like my eyebrows have been dyed to match my current hair color. However having said that, my praises for this product ends there.

I find that the formula is too wet and not to mention, this product contains glitter. You may not be able to pick it up from pictures alone but once you apply it, it’s reflective and definitely exists albeit in small amounts. Why oh why would they put glitter in an eyebrow product?


Of course, no post is complete without an ingredient list. This is a must for readers who are always cautious about what they put onto their skin.


The instructions on the packaging tells you to apply the product in the direction of your brow growth.


Use this in moderation. The first time I tried it on, I thought it looked pretty hideous as my brows looked wet, slightly sparkly and was distributed a bit unevenly. Since I don’t have unruly brows, no taming is required however I have read that many people find this product to do a fine job at taming their brows. I’ve seen some people apply a generous amount of this onto their brows however I actually don’t like the matted down, wet look (reminds of me Ross’s hair in friends) but I guess to each their own?

As for its lasting/staying power, I find that it stays on as long as I don’t intentionally wipe it off. I have on a few occasions picked up some of it on a tissue that I used while trying to blot my T-zone. But don’t worry, it won’t budge if you don’t touch it.

Here’s the good:
– cheap
– small & travel friendly
– works well as a brow tint
– natural looking when used in the right amount
– lasts all day

And the bad:
– contains glitter
– may require the use of additional products
– does not fill in sparse areas

Get it Beauty had a blind test on 5 different types of eye brow mascaras a while back and unsurprisingly, this placed last while a similar priced product, A’pieu Hair Match Browcara placed second. The Face Shop Lovely ME:EX Color My Eyebrow was chosen third. Mac’s Brow Set was fourth and the crowned champion was RMK Eye Brow Mascara (also the priciest among the 5).


To read more or view the blind test video, follow this link http://getitbeauty.interest.me/getitbeauty/BlindTest/View/75

If you’re interested in the other colors, there are quite a number of reviews available however the newer shades have not been reviewed and it may be more difficult to find information on them. Hope you found this review helpful. I will try to update with a picture of my own brows with this product applied hopefully some time this week. I already had my brows done using just plain ole regular eye shadow when I started this post so I couldn’t provide any pictures. Anyway, if you’ve got any questions regarding this product, leave me a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can. If you’ve got a request or a comment about something else, use the comment form and I’ll email you back.

Have a great week!


9 responses to “[Review] Etude House Color My Brows (No. 1 Rich Brown)

    • Hi there!
      I haven’t, unfortunately. I’ve got tons of eye shadows that I haven’t finished using and I just hate buying new products without using up all my old ones. I passed by Olive Young last weekend and I remembered your recommendation of Beyond’s CC cream. I was so tempted to try it until I remembered all the BB creams I bought in the summer that I’ve yet to finish. I’m still keen to try it though! Just gotta wait until I get through at least one of the many bottles of BB creams that I have.

      • I feel that Beyond CC cream is more suitable for the summer. I have oily-combination skin and it tends to accentuate some of the dry patches I have 😦

      • Speak of dry patches, the skin around my mouth is incredibly dry no matter how much I moisturize it.

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