[Review] Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Pads, Toner & Essence

It seems like treating enlarged pores is a national concern here. While it seems like an endless battle, I’m grateful for the many products that have been released this summer targeting my sworn enemy: enlarged pores.

During my last Innisfree haul, I picked up some products from the new Green Persimmon Pore range. I got the pore pads for myself and the toner and essence for le boyfriend because he was desperately in need of some major pore shrinkage. Did you know that men have larger pores than women? Their skin also produces more oil as a result of having larger pores. However since their dermis and epidermis skin layers are thicker, they have higher resistance to wrinkles and aging skin. Bigger pores yet more resistance to aging skin? Why do I even bother spending so much time caring for my pores when men get the better end of the deal?

While I’m definitely miffed by that fact, let’s carry on with the review.


As you can see below, there are a total of four products in this new line: The Green Persimmon Pore Toner, Pads, Essence & Pack and Cream.


photo from innisfree.co.kr

Since the Green Persimmon Pore products share a number of things in common, I will just briefly list them here before I review each of them individually.

  • The Green Persimmon Pore products are “formulated with green persimmon to help tighten and minimize enlarged pores as it controls excessive sebum”.
  • The Green Persimmon Pore products are made with green persimmon and green complex ( Jeju green tea, citrus, prickly pear/cactus fruit, camellia leaf & orchid).
  • They are also all housed in containers that produce low carbon and are recyclable.
  • They are free of artificial color, artificial scent, animal ingredients and mineral oil.

Green Persimmon Pore Pads

As you can see in the photo above, it’s not necessary to have both the pore pads and toner as either can be used in conjunction with the rest of the other products. Unlike the toner and the essence, which can be stored at room temperature, the pore pads are required to be stored in your refrigerator and used only when it’s reached an optimal temperature.


This pad, formulated with pure Jeju green persimmon extracts, helps manage pores while the cool pad instantly tightens pores, leaving your skin clean and smooth.



The pore pads contain quite a number of fruit and flower extracts, however the second ingredient on the list is alcohol. This may be a deal breaker for some as their skin can’t tolerate  alcohol.



There are 40 pads in each container, each use however requires 2 (one for each cheek).



As mentioned above, these pore pads are meant to be kept refrigerated. You can easily find out if the pore pads are ready for use when when the snowflake on the back side of the container becomes visible like the one pictured above.



The Green Persimmon Pore Pads come equipped with a pair of mini plastic tongs for your convenience.


As for effectiveness, I find that it’s hard to tell since the time that you leave this on your skin is quite short (a mere10 seconds). Sure the pads are cool on the skin and may give some the illusion like it’s “closing their pores” but I find it totally ineffective on me. It may work wonders on others, however it does nothing for me.

I also find this item a bit overpriced. Luckily, I got it on sale however it usually retails at 15,000 won. For the same price, you can invest in the pore toner which will last you much longer.


Here’s the good:
– 5 – Free System (does NOT contain animal ingredients, artificial scents, artificial color, mineral oil or acrylamide)
– made with green persimmon and green complex
– alternative to using the pore toner

And the bad:
– contains alcohol
– expensive
– ineffective

Green Persimmon Pore Toner


Description: This toner, formulated with pure Jeju green persimmon extracts, helps manage pores while the ethanol-free formula softly refines your skin texture.

greentoner6greentoner10 greenpersimmontoner

greentoner2 greentoner3



This toner functions just like any other toner. It’s quite ordinary and doesn’t perform any differently from my Etude House Wonder Pore Freshner.  The good thing is it does not contain ethanol. Since my skin is a bit…okay, a lot on the oily side this toner usually does a good job of prepping my skin for the essence however I don’t find it necessary to have this toner.

Here’s the good:
– 4-Free System (does NOT contain artificial color, artificial scent, animal ingredients or mineral oil)
– ethanol free formula

And the bad:
– nothing

As you can see, there’s not a whole lot to say about it since it functions as a toner and doesn’t differ from what others may already be using. It’s not one of those must have items. While I love it for its smell, I find it to be rather ordinary, performance wise.

If anyone is considering the pore pads, I recommend the toner instead as it’s a better value, both retail at 15,000 won.

Green Persimmon Pore Essence

Since there are so many skin care products, understanding them can be a bit of a task for some. While there are some who are familiar with serums and essences, there are always people who are just getting started on skin care therefore I will explain them briefly here.

Serums and essences are not alternative to moisturizers. While some may have moisturizing properties, quite oftentimes you have to use a moisturizer following the use of serums or essences.  They are made to target specific skin concerns such as anti-aging, brightening, acne, redness and hyperpigmentation. Because serums and essences have smaller particles that are able to penetrate our skin and treat more specific problems. You will notice that some Korean brands will have lines that carry one or the other, meaning either a serum or an essence. Generally speaking serums are thicker and essences are thinner. Essences are considered suitable for day time wear and serums are more more beneficial and suitable as night treatments.


Description: This essence formulated with pure Jeju green persimmon extract helps manage pore while the moisture popping essence gently enwraps your skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.

greenpersimmonessence greenessence6

This essence does contain dimethicone so just a word of caution to anyone who’s trying to stay away from products containing said ingredient. While it’s generally safe, some may experience irritation or have allergic reactions to it.

greenessence5 greenessence4
I do like that the essence is housed in a bottle that is equipped with a pump. It makes life easier, however some have mentioned that the color of the bottle and design make it difficult to determine how much product you’ve got left.



The essence itself comes out in a milky white and the consistency is watery yet not very runny.


I usually apply the amount dispensed onto the areas where I have the largest pores and sebum production (cheeks, nose & T-zone). Instead of rubbing the essence in, I recommend patting it gently until it’s full absorbed.

Out of the 3 products from this line, the essence is my favorite. It’s easy to apply and completely dries when it’s fully absorbed. It’s incredibly lightweight and leaves behind no residue whatsoever. As mentioned earlier, you can definitely apply this in the morning and at night if you haven’t got the time. I usually use it at night because I’ve got a load of other products that I use during the day. However I’ve noted quite a difference in my skin these days. My sebum production has really decreased since I’ve started to use this essence. I no longer blot as much as I used to at work. While I still get oily throughout the day, I find it more manageable than before.

Since this essence specifically works to reduce the appearance of your pores and control excessive sebum, it may cause dryness on some. Therefore it’s important that you moisturize. Even if you have oily skin, moisturize! I know it sounds counteractive but if you deprive your skin of the moisture it needs then it will produce even more oil.


Here’s the good:
– 4-Free System (does NOT contain artificial color, artificial scent, animal ingredients or mineral oil)
– does not dry out the skin
– effectively reduces sebum production

And the bad:
– expensive (retails for 20,000 won at Innisfree)

My overall experience with this line has been mostly positive. I haven’t experienced any breakouts or skin irritation. If you’re interested in trying out this line, I recommend trying out the essence. You can easily use any of the toners you currently own and I think it’ll more than likely give you the same effect. The essence is the real gem of this line.

In addition to these products, there are also a number of other things you can do to minimize the appearance of enlarged pores. You can exfoliate twice a week to remove the debris, dead skin cells and dirt that may be trapped in your pores and causing it to expand. But remember, your skin is delicate, therefore it’s important to not exfoliate more than twice a week as it can cause your skin to be inflamed. Another thing you can do is wear sunscreen daily, even when you’re at home or indoors at work!

Alright, that’s all folks. Hope you found this review helpful. If you have any questions regarding any of these products, you can leave a comment below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Have a great week!


12 responses to “[Review] Innisfree Green Persimmon Pore Pads, Toner & Essence

      • Thank God I didn’t buy the other products heheehe. I’m really in love of the Essence. I felt the softness since day 1, and with the continued use I’m starting to see the difference on my pores; more soft, bright, less irritated, less sebum. The best, it didn’t caused me any reaction or breakouts 💟💟💟.

        I’m also using the green tea line, the green tea seed serum and night pack are the best! 

      • I have to agree, this essence along with the Green Tea Seed Serum have both been working wonders for me!

        I’m glad they worked out for you too! 🙂

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  2. Hi hoppershake! I wish I know your name. I was searching for Innisfree green persimmon pore pad as I stumbled into this post. Do you mind I share this post on my beauty blog? (I kinda already did it, but please let me know if you are not OK with it. The only reason I share this post on my blog is because I think it is very thorough :D). My post is here: http://aubreylily.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/innisfree-green-persimmon-pore-pad/ Thank you for kindly sharing your opinion!!

  3. Hi, I found your blog by chance when I was searching review of Innisfree. I wonder that I should buy Green Persimmon Pore Cream? Together with its Essence? I have big pore and I have tried to search many products. And I have found this line of Innisfree. Could you please give me some advices?

    • Definitely recommend the essence. I haven’t had the chance to try the pack & cream yet so I can’t say much about that. I would say try both if you’re not on a budget. Good luck and let me know how you like the pack & cream. Thanks for reading! 🙂

  4. Chance upon your blog when searching for review for innisfree pore tightening range. Currently I’m trying the volcanic pore range and it’s pretty decent, haven’t use it long enough to conclude.

    Very thankful for an honest review of the products! shall consider again before buying, commercial products are heavily marketed just to sell though it might have certain chemical or properties that really help do the job, I believe it’s only very minimal content in the product itself.

    I’m a fan of natural products and by that I mean using DIY homemade chemical free products which works wonders too. And there isn’t a need to be over reliant on such products cos I believe if we are diligent in taking care of our skin like hydrating ourselves, exfoliate, eating and sleeping well our skin will show – it’s a reflection of how we take care of ourselves. 🙂 here’s my two cents worth. 🙂

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