[Review] Etude House I’m Blooming Clear Cleansing Water

This is it, my last review before work starts again next Monday. I still have another item from the I’m Blooming range to review but I haven’t even used it but once or twice so that shall be for much later. Anyway, on to the water cleanser.

Well, first off, I heart oil cleansers, especially ones that effectively lift and melt makeup without leaving an oily residue. For years, I was all about oil cleansers until I decided to try out Tony Moly Relaxing Aqua Marine Sherbet Cleanser. The shift from oil to sherbet cleanser definitely peaked my curiosity, so I thought why stop there. That’s how I ended up with this cleansing water.


This water cleanser is another item from Etude House’s I’m Blooming line. Like the Moisture Cleansing Foam I reviewed, it rocks the “Safe With Me”, “Trust Me” & “I’m Pure” slogan. It claims to be 100% tested, organic and natural. The products from this range more or less target individuals with sensitive skin types (I don’t fall under that category but I was curious anyway).


  • Containing plant origin Surfactant (Glyceryl Caprylate), this cleansing water mildly but effectively works on the skin, removing even thick point makeup without irritating skin.
  • This is a no-wash type cleansing water that easily and conveniently delivers fresh and clean skin without the need to rinse off with additional water.
  • With ingredients that strengthen skin’s natural vitality, this cleansing water helps maintain fresh, blooming, healthy skin.


So does this actually leave my skin feeling fresh, blooming and healthy? Well, a little bit of yes and no.

You can actually use this cleansing water to remove your point makeup but I personally find that when this goes near my eyes, it stings terribly. It’s much worse than the sting I get from Tony Moly Clear Water Lip & Eye Remover. So in short, my eyes do not agree with this cleanser.

As for face makeup removal, I find it to be pretty mild and gentle. It doesn’t irritate or dry out my skin. In fact, my skin is usually left feeling pretty moist and supple. However in terms of efficiency and effectiveness, my oil cleansers undoubtedly trump this.  I don’t want to completely discredit this water cleanser as it does take off my makeup but it requires at least 3-4 cotton pads, a generous amount of the product, and a bit of wiping here and there.

This is a no-wash cleanser meaning subsequent washes are not necessary. So If you wear light makeup, I can see this cleanser working to your advantage as it wouldn’t require a lot of product to get everything lifted and removed. However if you wear primer and BB cream/foundation, double cleanse or just use a whole lot of this because it won’t come off with a single wipe. I always have the feeling like I’ve got makeup residue somewhere on my face even after a bit of thorough wiping.



The good news is this water cleanser contains ingredients that are pure and good for your skin such as: snow lotus, Edelweiss flower & Jasmine flower. It’s free of:  parabens, artificial coloring, mineral oil, talc, sulfate surfactant, formaldehyde, or benzophenone. It’s also hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested.


Date of manufacture.


Contains 89.56% natural ingredients


Here’s the good:
– 7 free (No parabens, artificial color, mineral oil, talc, sulfate surfactant, formaldehyde, or benzophenone).
– requires no additional washing
– contains 89.56% natural ingredients
– not drying
– dermatologist tested
– hypoallergenic (for individuals with sensitive skin)

And the bad:
– stings near the eyes
– not nearly as effective as oil cleansers

Who would like this cleansing water? Perhaps individuals who don’t wear heavy makeup? Since you don’t have to wash your face with water afterwards, this product would be very convenient for those who are short on time. If you wear primer and BB cream, I recommend double-cleansing just so you can make sure that both are completely removed thus preventing any chances of future breakouts.

This cleanser certainly does not dry out my skin nor does it causes any tightness after removing my makeup. It actually does the opposite. My skin feels moist and supple yet not completely clean. Because I do wear primer and BB cream on a daily basis, I don’t think cleaning with this cleansing water alone is enough. However, if you don’t wear a whole lot of makeup, this water cleanser would be great as it is very mild. It won’t irritate your skin however do take caution using this near your eyes.


5 responses to “[Review] Etude House I’m Blooming Clear Cleansing Water

  1. Thanks for this review! It looks like the product isn’t that good of a value because if you need to use a lot of it, then it may not last as long as some other products would.

    I’m on the lookout for a new cleanser and right now I think I’ll try out Tony Moly Relaxing Aqua Marine Sherbet Cleanser! The concept sounds really neat and hopefully it will satisfy my cold dessert craving (no I won’t eat it, lol) while it effortlessly removes my makeup.

    Have a good week!

    • The sherbet cleanser is definitely interesting and works almost like an oil cleanser since it melts once you start to massage it onto your face. The only downside is it contains paraben 😦

      I just bought a jelly oil cleanser a few weeks ago. I was standing at an Innisfree store torn because they had so many cleansers lol. Sometimes it’s great to have a lot of choices but it also makes it harder to choose when you have like several things you want to get. If you don’t mind using oil cleansers, Innisfree has some really mild ones that are really worth the try. 🙂

      • Oh my goodness! I guess I skipped right over that. Yeah, I think I’ll get an oil cleanser instead; it’s better to avoid damaging my health than it is to try out a cool product.

        Thanks for the warning!

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