Good Eats, Clams & Lotus Flowers

My summer vacation is coming to an end. Come Monday, it’s back to work and the usual business (kids running around and me trying to stay sane). But I think I’m pretty well-rested and ready to head back. I finally cleared my draft box which had tons of reviews that I had procrastinated to start weeks ago. Reviews are difficult but fun at the same time. It’s kind of therapeutic. Just don’t ask me any questions about whether this BB cream or that BB cream is suitable for NC 15 or NW 25. Seriously, I haven’t got a clue. I don’t even know my own MAC shade.

Since the weather toggled between being rainy, humid and rainy again, I stayed indoors for the most part. The few chances that I did go out, I had some street food, saw The Wolverine & Red 2, visited the dentist, dug for clams and went to a lotus flower park. Below are pictures from my week.

Rice cake (떡)! I don’t eat rice cake all the time but some times I get small cravings for them. I usually don’t like the really sweet ones with fillings inside, just the nice fluffy ones with the right amount of sweetness.


There are so many variations of rice cake but I like this one best because it’s not too sweet. It’s a good thing I took this picture because my dentist told me “no more sticky food”.  Cue sad music.


Soft and fluffy.


This particular rice cake reminds me of Juno and Joey. He seems to think the same.

I’ve been postponing my trip to the dentist for the longest time. Mostly because I’m too nervous to be told that my teeth are in terrible condition. Prior to the trip, I had formed a list of questions for the dentist. Upon arriving there, I was so nervous. I don’t know if anyone is the same but I usually get really nervous when I go to the dentist. However, once I’m in that chair and under the light, I’m fine.

Just as I had expected, my dental hygienist was a bit uncomfortable because she thought I didn’t understand any Korean. The moment I told her I did, she loosened up. We even laughed quite a bit before and after my cleaning session. I actually had a really pleasant experience and the dentist and his staff were very accommodating. He answered all of my questions and while I had my teeth cleaned, he even wrote down in depth answers to my concerns on paper because he thought his answers were insufficient during our Q&A session. I was deeply touched by his kindness. My boyfriend, not so much. But, how nice is that?  I’m scheduled for a second and third cleaning and to get some work done on my premolars.


A lot of the doctors and dentists in Korea, can speak a decent level of English. They know all the technical terms like you wouldn’t believe. But when it comes to oral communication, a lot of them have difficulty getting their thoughts across.


One day we decided to head out despite the weather being pretty depressing. We took a taxi to Paldalmun (팔달문) for some fried chicken (통닭) but changed our minds and had spicy rice cake (떡볶이) instead.


This is a pretty popular place for spicy rice cake (떡붂이) and other street food in the area we were at. It was pretty packed when we got there and people were constantly coming in.  It’ was my second time eating there, the first being with some other foreign teachers/friends. I couldn’t recall if it was good or not though.


Chicken skewers (닭꼬치). They weren’t that good, just alright. I should have gotten a corn dog instead!


Here’s all of what we ordered. I think all of this was somewhere between 11,000-12,000 won. Pretty cheap. My boyfriend always likes to order a lot but neither one of us has the capacity to store all that food.

Here are some pictures from my food adventures and time in Shiheung & Hwasung. The weather was a bit bipolar the day we went to the Lotus Flower Theme Park in Shiheung and 백미리 갯벌 체험장 in Hwasung. The sun pretty much roasted us at the Lotus Flower Theme Park and then at 백미리 갯벌 체험장, we got rained on while digging for clams. Personally it made the experience more fun since I much prefer being rained on as opposed to being steamed and roasted under humid conditions. I don’t do well with humidity. But my makeup seems to be holding up pretty well these days (thank you Etude House Goodbye Pore Ever Pore Primer Essence & Tony Moly Luminous Aura BB Cream).


This is the entrance to the Lotus Flower Theme Park in Shiheung. Is it just me or does everyone else picture amusement park rides, bumper cars and games when they read “theme park”? I went here expecting to finding some sort lotus flower related things but the only thing they had here were lotus flowers. No theme things except for ice cream made with lotus flower


My favorite shot! All of the pictures at the Lotus Flower Theme Park were taken by my boyfriend.


Except this one, I claim credit for this one!


And this one.






There were several photo competitions that were drawing near its deadline so there were tons of photographers out there trying to get perfect shots. I saw cameras that looked like bazookas. I was so jealous. Just imagine the detail I could capture on all of my products with a camera that size!


The whole time I was there, I thought about my mom. She would have loved this place!


The lotus flower ice cream mentioned from before.


After our trip to the Lotus Flower Theme Park in Shiheung, we drove for an hour to Hwasung. We arrived at 백미리 갯벌 체험장  to dig for clams. We paid a total of 16,000 won (8,000 won per individual), the price included two hoes, rain boots & bags for our clams. We had to pay an additional 1,000 won to be transported to the mudflat. I guess it was optional but the walk out there was kind of far and nobody was walking.


This is what transported everyone out to the mudflat where we dug for clams. I had a good laugh after I realized it was a tractor that was dragging us.



The boyfriend waiting in line.



The rain started the minute we got closer to the mudflat. Most of the other people being driven out did not come with raincoats so they got pretty wet.


What started out as a smooth ride became really bumpy. I felt like I was on some sort of amusement park ride (I guess this made up for what was lacking at the Lotus Flower Theme Park). And yes it did hurt.


The tractor transported people back and forth every 10-15 minutes. So all the later groups had raincoats while the ones that came with us all got pretty wet and pretty much made their escape once the rain came down harder.


Once I got started, I was unstoppable. Well, until the bag was filled to the top.

DSCF5737 DSCF5752




There’s our ride back to land!



After being pulled back to land, we washed up and ditched our raincoats. Of course the rain stopped after our digging adventure ended.


All the digging left us pretty hungry so we decided to have some cup noodles before having our lunch/dinner. The store owner was pretty sweet. She actually took care of everything for us. All we did was pay and she heated up the water, filled up our cups and got us on our way.


Hungry but so happy. When my boyfriend told me we were going to Hwasung to dig for clams, I wasn’t really fond of the idea but wasn’t opposed to it either. However once I picked up my first clam, I was so focused and enjoyed it so much.

DSCF5780 DSCF5784 DSCF5788


The boyfriend said he wanted some grilled pork (삼겹살) for lunch so we ended up here. It was pretty expensive for a small restaurant but the food was delicious. Their kimchi stew (김치찌개 ) was spot on.


I got so hungry waiting for the meat to cook that I started scarfing down some of their side dishes.


And…I’m proud to report we finished both bags of clams that we got from  백미리 갯벌 체험장. I don’t know how we did it…


We steamed a large portion of it and ate it with red chili-pepper paste with vinegar (초고추장). I love 초고추장, it has a tangy kick.


We also had seafood spaghetti.


And last but not least, soybean paste stew (된장찌개).

Hope you enjoyed the pictures. Have a great weekend! 🙂


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