[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

Got enlarged pores? A dull complexion? Blackheads or breakout woes? I do. Well three out of the four anyway.

If you’re familiar with Innisfree, you may have seen this pore clay mask before.  It’s one of their steady bestsellers and I can definitely see why. I had the opportunity to try out the Volcanic Pore Clay Mask a while back but had a hard time choosing between the soft and hard variants so I decided to forfeit it altogether that day. After getting back into using Innisfree again, I desperately wanted to try this because it’s summer, I’ve got oily problems and Innisfree seemed to have revamped  their bestseller and birthed a super version of their already popular pore clay mask.


This clay mask addresses issues such as: pores, blackheads, individuals whose makeup appears cakey, dull complexion and sebum which in turn causes breakouts.

This pore clay mask can be used three different ways. I’m sure you can get creative and find more use from it but per Innisfree:

1) As a face mask. To brighten up your skin complexion, simply apply a layer of the mask all over your face (avoid the eyes & lips) and leave it on anywhere from 10-15 minutes, I usually do 20. Wash it off and continue with your daily or nightly skincare regimen thereafter. The pore clay mask will remove dead skin cells, withdraw impurities and give your skin a brightened look while leaving it soft to the touch.

2) To remove blackheads.  I’ve only used it as an entire face mask but I’m curious to try this as a blackhead remover as I’ve got quite a number of them.  If you’ve got blackhead issues, apply a layer of the pore clay mask over your nose and simply wash it off after 10-15 minutes. You can also wipe it off per Innisfree.

3) Spot treatment for those pesky pimples. When your skin experiences sudden breakouts, you can cover those areas with a q-tip before bed time and leave it on overnight. Simply wash it off and you should see minimization if it doesn’t totally rid your problem.

Description: [Tightens pores + Removes sebum + Exfoliates dead skin cells + Offers deep cleansing + Enhances skin tone + Provides cooling effects] This clay mask with its super volcanic cluster capsules powerfully adsorbs sebum to intensively resolve pore concerns.


Innisfree: “Why Jeju volcanic cluster: this multi-porous structure ofers powerful antibacterial, detoxifying, purifying, and moisturizing functions without any additives.

You may wonder how it was created. Jeju volcanic cluster was created by lava that was hardened when there was a volcanic eruption in Jeju Island. It is a rare pure ingredient with the capacity to absorb sebum and impurities.”


Contains 6,020mg of Jeju volcanic clay clusters. This product is free of: ethanol, artificial color, mineral oil and ingredients derived from animals. Additionally, the jar containing the mask comes in a box made from recycled paper and printed with soy ink.


This product along with any other from Innisfree marked “Fresh 3M” means that the products are sold within three months of being manufactured. You won’t find anything past 3 months old, hence Fresh 3M.


If you live in Korea or near an Innisfree store, they encourage you to return their containers back to them after you’ve used the product entirely. You can accumulate points for the empty jars, bottles or tubes that you return to them. I’ve got two saved up and will blog about the experience later whenever I actually make the return XD


There’s a plastic lid that keeps the pore clay mask from getting all over your jar cap. I had intentions to keep the lid but discarded it one day after it fell onto my bathroom floor. I was too slow to pick it up so I just tossed it.


I use this mask about once or twice a week depending on my schedule. Since my purchase didn’t come with a spatula (Some bloggers shared that Innisfree actually gave them a complementary spatula along with their purchase of this clasy mask. Must have been a promotional thing.), I usually scoop this mask out of the jar with my fingers.  I have to admit it’s pretty unhygienic. So for those that would much rather prefer this in a tube, it’s actually available and comes with twice the amount of product this jar contains.


When you apply this mask to your face, you will feel some particles, those are the volcanic pore cluster capsules that will draw out your impurities and clean your pores. True to its claim, it does have a cooling effect. While I do feel a slight tightness from the mask, it’s nowhere near the extremity that I’ve experience from clay masks that I’ve used in the past. You can talk and you can smile, it won’t hurt. You may experience some slight cracks, but no worries there.

Some say this mask is difficult to wash off but I find it quite easy.  Every time I use this, my skin feels instantly lifted and clean. It’s soft to the touch and brightened.  It does not leave my skin feeling uncomfortably tightened. Since I’m using a number of other products by Innisfree to help with pore tightening (Green Persimmon Pads, Toner & Essence),  I cannot attest to whether or not this particular mask does fulfill that claim. However, it does enhance my skin tone and cools my skin per each use.

pore clay mask

Those tiny bumps you see there are the volcanic pore cluster capsules.

Here’s the good:
– 4 Free (ethanol, artificial color, mineral oil or ingredients derived from animals)
– skin feels refreshed, clean and soft to the touch
– skin complexion brightened with each use
– dries with minimal cracking
– easy to wash off

And the bad:
– unhygienic to transfer product each time

Price-wise, I would say it’s decent. I got it for 13,000 won but the price will vary depending on where you get it especially if you’re getting it online. The good news is it seems like a readily available item since it’s quite popular here in Korea. This is something I will definitely repurchase in the future. I’m totally gifting this for Christmas!


Last but not least, a picture of the bf getting his pretty on.


7 responses to “[Review] Innisfree Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask

  1. I use a spoon to get the product out so I don’t have to touch it with my fingers as I didn’t get a spatula either. We must have missed the awesome spatula day D:

  2. i bought this after reading ur blog, and m loving it . I bought the laneige sleeping pack and firming sleeping pack so m using the spatula provided in it 🙂 as it was thanks giving in korea most places were closed so i didnt spend a lot but still regretted not buying some of the stuff T_T

    • I’m glad you like the clay mask 🙂 I’ve read a lot of good reviews on the Laniege Sleeping Pack but I’ve got too many products on my hands right now to buy anymore.

  3. i totally agree..currently im using this mask.feel great about it.since its hard to get it here,unfortunately i must limit my usage;-(

  4. Hello! its is really nice to read you blog about this mask! I just bought it through my friend whom just got back from Korea. she said that this mask is really popular now in Korea. May i know how many times you apply this mask in a week? Because i couldn’t find the “directions” on the box. Thank you >3

    • Hello! I think it’s all up to preference. If you’re on the oily side, you could potentially use it 2-3 a week. If you find that your skin starts to appear on the drier side after using it, you may want to reduce the number of times you use it. Hope that helps!

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