[Review] Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pack

I was supposed to put this review up nearly a month ago but it’s been collecting dust in my draft box as other things took precedence. Since school’s out for summer vacation and I’ve got a week break from work, it’s time to get some of these drafts completed and published. I’ve got to make room for newer drafts!

Since I’ve already talked about the condition of my hair in my review of  Etude House Silk Hair Moistpack, I won’t bore you with it again. Let’s get right to the review.

Skinfood: Argan oil, also known as the liquid gold of Morocco, is pressed from nuts of Argan trees. This oil enriched with essential fatty acids, vitamin E and squalene provides many benefits especially for hair care.  Argan oil nourishes hair and increases moisture content. 18 amino acids, proteins and peptides in silk replenishes lost nutrients.


This tube contains 200g worth of product. I use a quarter size amount each time but I can already tell this tube is going to last me a while.

Description: A hair mask pack that contains nourishing argan oil and silk to transform dry, damaged hair into healthy, shiny tresses.


Unlike the Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask (one time use that includes the essence as well as a plastic shower cap), this hair mask pack should be rinsed off after 5 minutes.


This one includes dimethicone.


This would be much nicer if it came with a flip cap.

I actually purchased the (one time use) hair mask from Skinfood before purchasing the full size version. Actually, I went to Skinfood with the intention of purchasing the full size but they didn’t carry it at the store I was at so I settled with the hair mask. To my surprise, the clerk didn’t even seem to know about this hair mask pack. The single use mask pack comes with a plastic shower cap and the hair essence that you’re supposed to leave in for 10 minutes. However, this one is to be rinsed off after 5 minutes. Do not apply this to your scalp, it’s meant for your tresses!

Because my hair is a bit on the dry side, I find it quite hard to work my fingers through it when it’s being washed on most days. There are some conditioners that help with that but I find that this mask pack relieves me from the pain of tearing out my hair in the process of de-tangling it. I can run my fingers through my hair when I use this mask pack with little to no resistance.

The smell is heavenly and I absolutely love it. What I love even more is how it lingers for a little over a day as opposed to the Etude House Silk Scarf Hair Moistpack which usually disappears by morning. However, like with most things, some people will love the smell, come to love it or just absolutely hate it. If possible, I would recommend trying out their single use mask pack before committing to the full size tube.


The consistency of this hair mask pack is very similar to conditioners. It’s a bit thicker than the Silk Hair Moistpack from Etude House but both are easy to work with.  At first, I had a hard time telling if I had completely washed this mask pack out of my hair or not. It’s gotten easier but you may find it difficult to tell at first if it’s your first time using a hair pack.

I think individuals with dry, brittle and damaged hair like myself will benefit the most from the use of this hair mask pack. If your hair is already thick, shiny and soft…well, there wouldn’t be a point in using this at all.

Here’s the good:
– the scent lasts over a day
– hair is significantly softer
– hair is shinier
– tons of product

And the bad:
– some fallout during wash
– hair feels flat

True to its claim, the mask pack really does soften my hair and surprisingly leave it shinier. My only gripe about this product would probably be the amount of fallout I have each time I use it. I tend to notice more hair clogging my drain on days I use this. I’m not entirely sure why that is but it’s definitely alarming. This may just be my personal experience and you may not experience any fallout at all. My hair has really been weird since I’ve moved to Korea.

So what’s my overall take on this? I like it but I don’t think I will purchase it again because I want to try out some other hair masks. But that won’t be for a while since I’ve got at least 150g left of this stuff to use! I prefer this over the Silk Hair Moistpack from Etude House and think it’s worth trying out.


4 responses to “[Review] Skinfood Argan Oil Silk Hair Mask Pack

    • Yes, I finished the tube and never repurchased it. I still experience a bit of fall out but I think for reasons other than usage of this product.

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