[Review] Etude House I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam

I’ve been meaning to review Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Bright Fit for the longest time but I can’t seem to find the motivation to start it. I’ve been putting it off for weeks now and yet again as I’m bringing you a review of a different Etude House product while I’m procrastinating to review the former.

I believe the I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam is the girliest foam cleanser I have ever owned. It’s packaged in a light pink tube that literally screams floral, spring & girly. But I quite like the way it looks as my other foam cleansers look very uninteresting beside it. The tube contains 150mL/150g of product which is a lot but pretty standard in terms of foam cleanser sizes here in Korea.foam cleanser

The I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam has a thick and creamy texture. Others find this cleanser to lack foam but I find that it gives me a pretty decent amount. Just make sure your hands are wet prior to dispensing the product and lather it up really well. This product is scentless which was a bit of a surprise to me as I was expecting something floral smelling at first glance. However I have no qualms with it being scentless as some products have really off putting smells. This might be a pro or con for some.

Products from the I’m Blooming line contain botanical and floral extracts and are free of ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Additionally the products from this line have been tested for skin sensitivity. I picked up three of the products from this range and all three are branded with the slogan “I’m Pure”, “Trust Me” and “Safe with Me”.

I only use this as my morning cleanser so I’m not sure how well it removes makeup as I double cleanse at night and usually use my Baking Powder B.B Deep Cleansing Foam as my final step of my cleansing process. Individuals who are looking for a gentle cleanser may be interested in this organic and natural cleansing foam. My guess is individuals with dry skin might benefit the most from this cleanser as it is quite hydrating & moisturizing.

foam cleanser2

  • Containing plant-origin Surfactant (Cocamidopropyl Betaine), this moisturizing cleansing foam gently removes impurities with its fine bubbles, providing full hydration to skin right after cleansing without any signs of dryness.

  • With ingredients that strengthen skin’s natural vitality, this cleansing foam helps maintain fresh, blooming, healthy skin.

foam cleanser3
foam cleanser7

– Contains 81.98% natural ingredients
– Contains 53% plant derived moisturizing ingredients
– Contains 29.88% organic plant sap

foam cleanser8
foam cleanser4

foam cleanser6

The I’m Blooming Moisture Cleansing Foam does a pretty fine job of cleaning my skin without leaving it dry or tight, in fact my skin feels hydrated and clean after each wash. I had some curiosity about the plant derived surfactant in their description so I did some research. From what I’ve gathered, Cocamidopropyl Betaine (derived from coconut oil) is less irritating than other surfactants which is great for those whose skin is easily irritated. However, it may not be as effective in removing all of the dirt and oil buildup on your skin as it is a milder surfactant. Cocamidopropyl Betaine is found in many baby soaps and shampoos so you can imagine how mild it is.


Here’s the good:
– 7 Free (None of the following: paraben, talc, benzophenone, artificial coloring, mineral oil, sulfate surfactant, formaldehyde)
– gentle on the skin
– easy to work into a foam
– great for individuals with sensitive skin
– isn’t drying
– fragrance free
– affordable (prices may vary depending on where you purchase it but originally priced at 7,500 won. I got lucky and got it half off during their end of the month sale)

I can’t really think of any cons for this product other than the fact that it might not be as effective in removing all of the makeup, dirt and oil from your skin. Like I mentioned above, since I don’t use this to remove my makeup, I cannot attest to how effective or ineffective it is. If you do purchase this for that purpose, I recommend you remove your makeup first with a oil, water, sherbet, gel-based cleanser first and then with follow up with this cleanser (double cleansing) to ensure that everything is lifted and properly removed.

If you’ve tried this, let me know what your thoughts are!


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