Innisfree Haul

I’ve been falling in love all over again with Innisfree these days. While I like a lot of the products I’ve bought from stores like Etude House and Tony Moly, I have to profess my love for Innisfree. As soon as I found out they were having a 5 day sale, I made great haste check out their website to see what I could get.

The timing was perfect since I had been testing out their Green Tea Seed Serum & Cream. Both are pretty pricey items so I wanted to take advantage of the sale. Another thing I had been eyeing for a while was their Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam. I’ve been using their Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask for the past few weeks and I’m just in love with it. I really wanted it but I had just gotten a cleanser from Etude House a few weeks ago. In the end, I decided to go for it since the one by Etude House is more of the moisturizing type and I wanted something to clean out my pores.

In the end, I walked away with all of this and roughly 119,000 won poorer ;p:

innisfree haul 3

The Green Tea Seed Cream, Serum and Eco Windy Lip Scrub

innisfree haul 4

Jeju Volcanic Pore Cleansing Foam, Green Barley Cleansing Jelly Oil & Clear Scrub. I’m quite excited to try the Jelly Oil. I was so torn between all the oil, water and cream cleansers they had at the store. In the end, I decided to try something new and went with the Green Barley Cleansing Jelly Oil. I also grabbed their Green Barley Clear Scrub because the Almond Sugar Scrub was sold out 😦

innisfree haul 5

Style Garden Strong Hair Gel (for the boyfriend)

innisfree haul 7

Eco Nail Color (this color was sold out online but I managed to grab one at the store) and Remover

innisfree haul

Mineral UV Whitening Pact & Neon Color Pot Rouge

innisfree haul2

Green Persimmon Pore Toner, Essence (for the boyfriend) & Pad

I can’t wait to start using some of the stuff I got. A few of the items were not purchased for me but for the boyfriend. Innisfree is also his go-to store for skincare products. We are regulars at Innisfree XD. We stand out everywhere we go because it’s not often people meet interracial couples and we’re always speaking in English.

One of the things I had to get used to in Korea was learning how to shop comfortably with the clerks just standing there watching me. I understand why they do it but I still feel really uncomfortable to peruse products when I’m being watched from time to time. There have been times where I felt so uncomfortable that I just gave up looking and left the store. So if I’m ever left alone, I usually feel really thrilled because I can just take my sweet time.

innisfree haul gift

Anyway, when I visited Innisfree with the boyfriend, we basically had an idea of what we wanted so we were just loading up our shopping baskets. And lucky for us, the clerks there gave us some space and time to get what we need without being too friendly and advertising certain products. By the time, I made it to the counter to check out, I thought it was weird because one of the clerks there just kept looking at me. She then asked me if I was an English teacher. My boyfriend replied yes and we both just assumed she thought so because I was speaking in English the entire time. Then she asked if I had worked at so and so school. That’s when I was like “Do you know me?” Then it hit me when we started to exchange a few more words that she was my student’s mother and the owner of the store we were at. I met her back in 2008 and had seen her a number of times when I visited Innisfree. She was the reason why I loved going to the Innisfree store near my home. Then suddenly one day, I never saw her again. I just assumed then she had moved or handed over the store to someone else. Needless to say, we were both so happy to see each other and tried to catch up during the short time I was there. Right before I left, she gave me two mugs as a gift. She’s so sweet and I was just so glad she’s still around!

All in all, I had a pretty good weekend. Hope you also had a good weekend!


10 responses to “Innisfree Haul

  1. I too share your love of Innisfree! While I’ll shop at the other stores, Innisfree’s eco friendly and natural (maybe not 100% but more so than others) vibe is very appealing to me. Skin Food is a close second, but mainly because I find them to be the most generous with samples 😀

    The eco windy lip scrub is great! I got it in winter when the dry cold was chapping my lips. Its not as thick as I would like it, but my lips are always so soft, smooth and moisturized afterwards. The volcanic mask was also my go to until I tried Banila Co. Claypatra mask. (*sidenote: not to many bloggers seem to use or review Banila Co products. Is it not a popular brand in Korea?)

    Re-meeting your students mother is super cute. Its cool she remembered you so fondly.

    You and your BF made out like bandits! I hope you are both enjoying the new products!

    • I tried the Eco Windy Lip Scrub the other day and I totally giggled when I saw my lips in the mirror. LOL Ridiculous and slightly insane was how I looked. I would totally wear that if I wanted to scare off some people. But I agree, I like the way my lips feel afterwards! I was so close to purchasing a sherbet cleanser from Banila Co. until I checked out their ingredients and saw paraben. I’d say Banila Co. is pretty popular among Korean girls/women. I’ve seen tons of Korean reviews but not that many English ones. I’m definitely going to look into the Claypatra Mask.

      I’m really loving some of the products we got from the sale. There are a couple of things I originally got for my bf but I’ve been using them on myself and I’m already seeing results. I’ll share my thoughts on them soon!

  2. Please tell me about the green persimmon pore products. I’m thinking to buy the Essence to treat my large pores…but I’m really interested in the toner. It is really really really “Ethanol Free”?. I will appreciate so much your answer.✌😁

    • Hi Manen, the essence does contain some form of ethanol. I also have the pore pads and alcohol is second on the list. As for the toner, I don’t see any alcohol or ethanol listed. If you’d like me to email you pictures of the ingredients for all 3 products (pore pads, toner & essence), I’d be more than happy to do so.

    • I take that back, the toner does contain alcohol (butylene glycol). It’s second on the list.

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