Rain rain, go away.

I’m currently trying out several products that I hope to share with everyone soon. I just want a bit more time before I post reviews about them. By the way, Missha has a summer sale right now (from 7/10 to 7/31). So if you’re in Korea, take advantage of this sale and check out some of their products!

It’s been pretty wet and humid here. It’s been days since I’ve seen the sun and I miss it dearly. This weather leaves me constantly drained and sleepy. I find myself drowsy when I’m walking, on the bus, and even when I’m in the classroom. Luckily, I’ve got some of the biggest goofballs to keep me entertained and awake.

Last week I had to give all my students a test and below are some funny answers I got from them. After sharing the same pictures on Instagram, my sister asked me why I hadn’t given them partial credit. While I wanted to, I really couldn’t.


While I agree that plants need a little lovin’, I had to go by the book.




Since I share a classroom with another teacher, I sometimes have to clean up after her students. There are times when she doesn’t have time to tidy up before I come so I’m left to straighten the desks and chairs and oftentimes I have to sweep the mess left behind from her classes. I do as much as I can but there are times when I have no time in between classes.
I always appreciate it when students help out without wanting anything in return (I’ve got some sneaky ones, they help but with conditions). Well, one day Amy and Christine just picked up a broom and started to clean my classroom. When I told them they didn’t have to they replied “No, we want to! We like cleaning.” They’ve been doing it since last week. Even when I try to stop them, they insist on doing it. They even clean my whiteboard and line up my markers for me. How sweet is that?


My student Jessi insisted I take this photo of her.


And this one. Here’s her best impression of a gorilla.


There are days when we laugh so hard, we literally cry as a result.


Andy & Jack on the “level 3”. This was during my planning period. They just came in and started talking to me and walking around the classroom. I was half listening since I was busy getting ready for class. I heard them say something about “level 1” and then “level 2” and then I saw this.



2 responses to “Rain rain, go away.

  1. LMFAO. The replies are hilare. If something looks new, then it probably is new. How is that incorrect? I think my English is on their level. 😦 LOL

    • We had the biggest laugh over this, the students and I. I read their answers out loud and because they are such an easygoing group, they weren’t the least bit embarrassed.

      I did explain afterwards what it was I was looking for and they totally understood. But you’re right, a lot of their answers did make sense and should have merit some partial credit but I had to be strict. lol

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