[Review] Missha Signature Technical Up Mascara & Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara

Good mascaras are hard to come by. I can only proclaim love for one mascara: VOV Goodbye Eye Pender Mascara. The problem with VOV products is they are not as accessible as brands like Missha, Etude House, Tony Moly, etc. VOV is kind of like Peripera for me, as in I have to go somewhere other than their brand store to buy their products. So I’ve been looking into new mascaras to see if there’s anything comparable but perhaps more readily available.

I will be bringing two reviews to you today. The first is of Missha Signature Technical Up Mascara and the latter is of Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara. I didn’t see a point in creating two different posts since they are both mascaras and I don’t have a ton to say about both.

Let’s get started with the one by Missha!

Missha Signature Technical Up Mascara (Curl Up)

I got Missha Signature Technical Up Mascara mostly out of curiosity and because they had a pretty big sale going on during that time of the month. I remember it was originally priced around 23,000-25,00 won which is pretty expensive for mascara.


There are three mascaras from the Signature line: Curl Up Lash, Curl-Up Volume & Multi-Essence. I grabbed the Curl Up Lash.


If this were a cheaper mascara, I would say it performs decently. That’s if I were after the less dramatic look and after something say more work appropriate. However, being priced over 20,000 won and being outperformed by say a drugstore brand like Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara is sad. I can pay a fraction of the price for Maybelline and get so much more.

The mascara wand picks up a lot of product and when it’s deposited onto my lashes and it weighs them down greatly. I have found mascara flakes on random spots of my face throughout the day and in the most undesirable environments. The funny thing is no one ever tells me anything! My students never point out the fact that I’ve got a random mascara flake on the bridge of nose or on my cheek. Perhaps they find it humorous their English teacher looks ridiculous.

Unfortunately, this mascara clumps, smears and smudges. In addition, it’s a wet formula so if I don’t give it adequate time to dry,  it’ll end up on my eyelid (sitting cozy on top of my freshly applied eye shadow). Removing all of this mascara at the end of the day is nothing short of a chore. Even when I think I have all of it removed, I’m sent running to the bathroom to repeat the process all over again.


Left side: bare lashes, Right: Lashes with Missha Signature Technical Up. Not much of a difference.

Here’s the good:
– attractive packaging
– small wand makes application easy on lower lashes

And the bad:
– wet formula
– no significant difference after application
– smears & smudges throughout the day
– expensive
– difficult to remove

Rarely do I find myself so unhappy to the point that I would want my money back after using a product but this is one of those instances.

Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara No. 1 Power Volume

I’m pretty new to Holika Holika. It was one of those brands I hadn’t seen or heard about until just a couple of  months ago. I ran a google search for their best sellers and this was one of their more popular items. The Magic Pole Mascara is available in two types: No.1 is for individuals looking to increase the volume of their lashes and No. 2 is for those who want the enhanced look of longer lashes.


No. 1 Power Volume

Description: This Magical mascara vows to look beautiful and glamorous for a long time without a smudge or smear. The two-parted wand allows you to sculpt the perfect lash: The stick-part coats with amazing volume and the ball-part separates. It lasts through sweat and sebum, yet the formula removes easily with warm water.


Instructions: Boosts eyelashes up with Magic Stick. Separate lashes using the upper part of the Magic Ball. Wear it alone or layer over a few times for instant magic lash change!



Of course the most unique thing about this product is its spherical tip. I would have to say that it is effective when it comes to those inner lashes that are usually quite difficult to reach. While it delivers on claims to be smear and smudge proof and the formula does curl my lashes to some extent, I’m still going to have to say I’m not overly impressed. While this mascara comes off with greater ease compared to the Signature Technical Up mascara, I won’t go as far to say that it’s any less of  task.


The first few times I used this, I found that the wand usually deposited the mascara on the spots that I had exactly wanted. However, it’s become messier now that more of product is on the wand. I usually have to go again after with a q-tip to clean up whatever that is left behind.

Here’s the good:
– spherical tip is great for hard to reach areas
– nice packaging
– evenly coats lashes
– affordable
– curls lashes
– smear & smudgeproof

And the bad:
– clumps
– messy application

There are a few things I do like about this mascara but I think overall, it wasn’t what I had hoped to be. The ball tip really does manage to coat lashes that are very hard to reach and oftentimes missed. However, it doesn’t give me the length and the volume that I’m looking for. So, while this one does a decent job, I still prefer my VOV Goodbye Eye Pender Mascara over it. In summary, it’s just mascara with a ball tip.


4 responses to “[Review] Missha Signature Technical Up Mascara & Holika Holika Magic Pole Mascara

  1. Do try Innisfree’s skinny micro-cara! Its really good and there is a non-waterproof and waterproof version of it. They are about 9000 to 10000 won 🙂

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