[Review] Innisfree Green Tea Pure Deep Cream

Before you proceed, please note that this is a review of Innisfree Green Tea Pure Deep Cream and not Innisfree Green Tea Pure Cream. I do not own the latter so I can’t provide any comparison between the two. Now that that’s clear and out of the way, let’s move onto how I came about this product and how it’s worked on me!

The Green Tea Pure Deep Cream was a Christmas gift from a close friend of mine. She knew that I had purchased my skincare products from Innisfree exclusively. Which was true for some time, then I parted ways with Innisfree and switched over to Isa Knox for my skincare products for a few years. I was a firm believer then that shelling out more cash on skincare products was the way to go. Needless to say, she was a tad bit disappointed when I told her I made the leap to Isa Knox for my skincare needs. So I tucked this jar of cream away for some time and totally forgot about it. (Sorry Kelly if you’re reading this!) It wasn’t until I started this blog that I remembered I had it. I googled the cream to see how people were responding to it but didn’t find anything much, in English anyway. Most had small samples from kits but no in depth reviews were available.

Being an anti-cream fan, I was hesitant to try this but I couldn’t just leave it tucked away indefinitely so I did the unthinkable. I gave it a try even though I have a strong dislike for the use of creams on my face. I seriously have stashes of creams that I’ve gotten for free along with my toner and moisturizer or given to me as samples from store clerks. I either give them away or toss them out.


Enriched with Green Tea and Green complex from pure Jeju Island, Green Tea Pure revives dry, stressed skin by supplying abundant moisture.



The effects of this cream per Innisfree:
– Penetrates deep into the skin to provide moisture
– Does not leave the skin feeling sticky or shiny
– No use of harmful chemical ingredients (It was difficult to translate this into a working effect.)
– Enhances your skin’s moisture barrier
– Leaves the skin feeling soft


Click for enlargement. I only applied the cream to the right side of my hand.


Green Tea Deep Pure Deep applied to the right side only.

At first sight, the cream looked like something that would really enhance and even promote more sebum production on my skin. I was mentally prepared to be disappointed. I applied this every night after toning for several weeks to see how it would work out. While I still have a strong dislike for creams in general, I will say I’m going to make a special exception for this one. It glides on so easily that you don’t even feel like you’re applying a cream to your face. It looks thick in the jar but the texture is more lightweight and watery when you apply it. It’s so light that you could even use it in the daytime. I use it at night since I’ve already got too many things on my face in the morning. It really moisturizes and leaves my skin so moisturized and soft to the touch. I wake up shine free and my skin feels amazing.

My only gripe about this product is having to scoop a bit of cream from the jar with my fingers. It is incredibly unhygienic and I know many will also dislike this aspect of it. If there were a better way of dispensing this product without having to reach into the jar with our fingers, it would be golden.

Here’s the good:
– 6 free (no Paraben, Talc, Mineral Oil, animal derivatives, artificial pigments, Benzophenone or GMO
– made with Jeju green tea
– nourishing & moisturizing
– non-greasy formula
– not sticky
– leaves the skin supple
– lightweight

And the bad:
– unhygienic to transfer product onto your skin (Clean those fingers in advance!)
– expensive (Since this was a gift, I checked their website for the price. it was originally 34,000 won but you can get it for 25,000 won IF you purchase it directly from the site. Prices will vary depending on where you look.)

Give your skin some lovin’ and definitely get your hands on some samples of this if you can. If not, there’s a smaller version of it that you could try before investing in the larger size one. I’ve got to text my friend to thank her for giving me such an amazing product. My skin loves it and while I still think creams are not that lovable, this is one I’m willing to invest in once I run out.


4 responses to “[Review] Innisfree Green Tea Pure Deep Cream

  1. Hello and thank you for your indepth review of this Innisfree green tea cream product. I, too, was scouring the internet to find out more about the Innisfree Green Tea line and couldn’t find anything either. I love their Green Tea cleansing oil and wanted to try more of their products. I just started using this cream as well as their sleeping pack and skin is much softer and hydrated. Like you, I don’t like heavy creams even though my skin is dry. I much prefer serums which penetrate more quickly but I found that I needed just a little more to keep my skin hydrated throughout the day. Now, we’ll see how this fares during the day under makeup. Thank you again!

    • Hi Ada,

      Thanks for reading and commenting! This has become my ultimate go-to cream. I don’t even bother with lotion at night anymore. Since the texture of the cream is a bit watery, it glides on easily and doesn’t leave the skin feeling sticky. I love it! 😀

  2. Hi! Just wondering which of the creams would you recommend since you tried both before? Between the green tea seed cream and green tea pure cream. Seriously there’s so many range I am unsure of which to get! I have combination skin and have occasional pimples.

    I love reading your blog! All your reviews are so in-depth and honest. 🙂
    Thank you!

    • I prefer the Green Tea Pure Deep Cream a tad bit more although I have to say it’s not my favorite. I’m not sure which is more fitting to your skin type to be completely honest. And I definitely think it’s worth trying both if you’re able to.

      I definitely agree that it can be overwhelming with all the ranges they’ve got. Thanks for your sweet comment 🙂

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