[Review] Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk (Milky Peach) & Marker (Pink Stain)

Just like the rest of Peripera Peri’s Tints, these also come with cute illustrations and packaging. The tint milk comes in a small bottle and the tint marker can easily be mistaken for a real color marker.

So let’s start off with the the tint milk first. I got myself No. 2 Milky Peach which is more on the peachy coral side. In terms of color, I like this one the best. Bright pinks don’t seem to compliment me at all.

The tint itself glides on easily and is build-able via a doe foot applicator. I usually go for just a single layer at a time. Unfortunately, just like the water tint, this one dries out on me after a couple of hours. However, my lips are on the drier side so if you’ve got moist lips…you should know that I’m very jealous.

Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk comes in three colors: No 1. Milky Pink, No 2. Milky Peach and No 3. Milky Lavender (newest addition).


Peripera Peri’s Tints Milk (No. 2 Milky Peach)

Description: Like creamy milk, this tint gently blends upon lips. Non-sticky texture blends easily without any blots. Flower complex help give vitality to the lips.


The bright color actually settles and gives off a pretty peachy coral flush to your lips.


When I first opened this, the color really intimidated me. It looks like a bright pinkish orange but once you apply it, it’s not as intense and is really natural looking.


The tint milk is less runny than the tint water and doesn’t dry out as quickly, therefore you’ve got time to blend it out.



Tony Moly Kiss Lover Style lipstick and Peripera Peri’s Tints side by side for size comparison.

I’m so used to seeing my lipstick on the rim of cups or glasses but with the tint water, milk and marker, there’s nothing but the print of my lips (usually from the balm that I use on top of the tint), which to me is simply fabulous. While it gradually wears off throughout the day, it really does beat your lipstick coming off within a single wipe.

Here’s the good:
– light weight, non-sticky formula
– comes in an adorable portable bottle
– doe foot applicator makes it easy for you to apply the tint
– long shelf-life (a year after opening)
– natural looking flush to your lips
– readily available for purchase on gmarket
– stays on for a good 3-4 hours

And the bad:
– drying
– not moisturizing (must apply lip balm)

Now onto the tint marker. The tint marker comes in a very cute packaging, much cuter than the tint milk I’d say. The box is shaped liked a colored pencil and you can easily distinguish the color of the tint marker the box contains by looking at the tip of it. I got the tint marker in No. 3 Pink Stain. Tint markers are available in three colors: No. 1 Plum Stain, No. 2 Orange Stain, and No. 3 Pink Stain. I should have gotten No. 2 Orange Stain because now that I look back on the ones I’ve liked best, they all contain some sort of orange. I never used to think I would like anything orange on my face but following the Orange Juice Tint Water, I have to say my mind has changed. I’m starting a love affair with all things orange. For those that are interested in a darker deeper pink, I suggest No. 1 Plum Stain.

Description: The easy-to-apply waterproof tint marker helps give vitality to your your lips without any leakage. Its vivid color last all day long. Fruits complex and vitamin E makes your lips healthy and beautiful.

tintmarker tintmarker2 tintmarker3 tintmarker4


The tip of the tint marker enables precise application. You can’t go wrong with this!


I’m not as crazy about the tint marker because I think I made the wrong choice in color. Like the tint water and tint milk, this one is quite drying on me. However it’s virtually error proof since you’ve got tons of control on where exactly you want this on your lips. So in terms of application ease, this one takes the gold. One of the bigger downsides to this tint marker is you’ve got half a year to use it once you open it because the shelf life is half that of the tint milk & water and a third of the tint crayon & balm.

Here’s the good:
– easy to carry around
– mess-free application
– a pigmented tint
– build-able
– long-lasting
– lightweight

And the bad:
– short shelf-life (6 months after opening)
– tendency to settle in the cracks of my lips after a couple of hours
– drying

Sorry for the awkward placement of the swatches but I had originally intended to review the tint marker and milk separately and then decided to do them together at the last minute.



Here’s a closer look of the tint marker (on the left) and tint milk (on the right).


I gave both a few swipes with my bare finger so you would see how they would look once blended. The marker of course stayed put and the other is a bit less intense looking.


Here I’ve added on an extra layer. Both are build-able so you can wear it as light or as dark as you want.


To show it’s staying power, I tried to wipe it once with baby wipe, as you can see, there’s still a bit of the stain there, especially with the tint marker.


After the first wipe, I rubbed vigorously at the spot both tints had been applied but there’s still a hint of both left on my hand. There’s even a bit of glitter specks in the tint milk which is weird because it’s not even visible on my lips.

This is what it looks like on my lips.


Bare lips (far left), Milk Tint No. 2 Milky Peach (center) and Tint Marker (No. 2 Pink Stain). Strangely Milky Peach is not as peachy coral when it’s photographed.

While I really like all of the Peripera Peri’s tints that I’ve gotten, I find that a lot of them are drying. I mean they offer great things such as great staying power and natural looking tints but they make my already dried lips even drier. So if you’re like me and have dry lips, you might want to keep a lip balm with you so that you can reapply it throughout the day.

I will try to review the two remaining tints, the tint jelly and crayon some time soon for those are looking for more information on those.


3 responses to “[Review] Peripera Peri’s Tint Milk (Milky Peach) & Marker (Pink Stain)

  1. These tints are adorable – I love the design, they remind me every time of 2ne1’s “hate you” MV. xD

  2. The marker tint looks really interesting! I actaully find the Peripera milky tints not as drying as some liquid tints. But I need lip balm on top for sure!

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