[Review] Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream (No. 2 Natural Beige)

It seems like I’ve been reviewing a lot of Innisfree products these days but I really don’t have that many of them. I probably have more products from Etude House than Innisfree. I just happen to be testing them out all at once. I’m also using the Green Tea Pure Deep Cream & Eco Science Eye Cream which I hope to review soon. Anyway, let’s talk BB cream!

Description: This airy, light BB cream gently adheres to your skin, revealing a clear finish as if it were your natural healthy looking complexion.


Product name, description and instructions are printed with soy ink.


Air Skin Fit BB Cream comes in 3 shades: No. 1 Pink Beige, No. 2 Natural Beige and No. 3 True Beige. Mine is No. 2 in Natural Beige

The Air Skin Fit BB Cream comes in 3 shades: No. 1 Pink Beige, No. 2 Natural Beige and No. 3 True Beige. Mine is No. 2 in Natural Beige



This BB Cream is formulated to provide UV protection, whitening effects and wrinkle improvement.


As mentioned in another post, dates followed by “제조” are the manufacturing dates of the products.


It comes in a pretty slim tube that’s easy to carry around. Out of all the BB creams that I currently have, this one is contained in the slimmest tube.



This BB cream does have an herb-like scent but it fades quickly.


Air Skin Fit blended on the right. As you can see, the coverage is pretty sheer as my mole is still visible with a single layer of the product.

A little of this BB cream goes a long way for me. I squeezed a pretty generous amount the first time I used this and ended up looking ridiculous. Since the tube does not come with a pump, you’ll have a little less control over the amount you dispense, but I’m sure most of you have already mastered the art of dispensing your BB cream. If I happen to squeeze out too much product, I usually apply it to my neck area or on my lips (for the gradient lips look).

True to it’s name, the Air Skin Fit BB Cream is pretty lightweight and provides pretty sheer and natural looking coverage. It’s good for those days when you want to wear the more “natural” look. For those who are seeking a BB cream that provides more coverage, you might want to try their Long-Wear BB Cream, I read that it gives more coverage and conceal flaws better than the Air Skin Fit BB Cream. For oily skin there’s the No-Sebum BB cream which is said to help with oil control.

I’m torn between this one and Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream. While I slightly prefer the Luminous Goddess BB Cream shade, the Air Skin Fit BB Cream lasts much longer on me. I’ve used this along with my other Innisfree products (No-Sebum Mineral Powder & No-Sebum Mineral Primer) and it’s been yielding quite nice results. I blot a lot less throughout the day and my makeup stays on longer. When I reviewed the other two Innisfree products and I spoke of my BB cream staying on me longer, I was referring to the Air Skin Fit BB Cream. This BB cream usually lasts me a good 6-8 hours depending on how punishing the weather is.

Here’s the good:
– SPF35
– long lasting
– contains Jeju natural mineral powder
– natural looking
– lightweight
– affordable at 18,000 won (around $18)

And the bad:
– only available in 3 shades
– may not conceal all scars and/or blemishes

I’m quite content with this BB cream and would rank it up there with the Tony Moly Luminous Goddess Aura BB Cream which I really love. I was actually a big fan of Innisfree until I started buying my toner and moisturizer from Isa Knox. Then for reasons I can’t really remember, I decided to try out the smaller brands again and then after starting this blog, I found myself back at Innisfree. I’m starting to fall in love with their products all over again. I really like the No-sebum Mineral Powder & Primer and this BB cream is also one of my favorites.

By the way, if you live near an Innisfree, be sure to return your empty tubes, jars or containers to them. You can accumulate points towards your next purchase if you do so. Last but not least, please follow my blog on Bloglovin for the latest updates!


16 responses to “[Review] Innisfree Air Skin Fit BB Cream (No. 2 Natural Beige)

  1. This BB cream looks really nice – I’m pretty happy with my Missha Perfect Cover, but I’d definitely want to try more BB creams to find The One! ^__^ Thank you for the review!

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    – A Korean fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog!

    • Hi June, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I will definitely check out your blog and follow you on Bloglovin! =)

  2. I just bought this BB online, but I’m really scared I bought it too dark… I’m NC25 and I bought shade 3. Do you think its too dark?

    • Hi ShiShi, since I’m not familiar with MAC NC shades, I can’t really help you out. But from the swatches I’ve seen online, No. 3 looks a lot darker than No. 2. However, do keep in mind that most Korean BB cream shades are still considerably lighter compared to the ones made in the west.

  3. i’m using mishha m perfect cover shade 23, , do u have any suggest which one that match with my skintone?

    • Hi, since I don’t use Missha BB Cream, I googled the shade you mentioned to see how dark it was. I would say go with No. 3 True Beige. It may be a bit lighter than your Missha BB Cream though. I’m not entirely sure since I don’t have either BB Cream and nothing to really compare but images of the swatches online.

  4. Hi, I got this BB cream upon your recommendation along with the No Sebum Mineral Primer and Pact from Innisfree. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve tried it and No. 2 is a perfect match for NC20 ^^ Plus it has really natural finish and coverage~

      • Hi Vanille, your comment brought an instant smile to my face! I hope you like the BB cream and primer (both are my current faves). Let me know how you like the pact..while I love the powder, it’s a bit messy to use at times. Thank you so much for reading 🙂

    • Hi Keiko! Thanks for coming by and reading. I thought you looked familiar when I saw your profile picture and then it hit me! I visited your page maybe a month or two ago and left a comment about the Almond Sugar Scrub. Do you remember? 🙂

      As for the No Sebum BB cream, I haven’t gotten my hands on it yet. I just have so many BB creams at the moment and I don’t want to get anymore until I finish them. I get tempted all the time, but I’m trying to resist the urge to splurge.

      And yes, I’ll definitely follow you back!

      • Hi Angela^_^
        I am new in blogging so I didn’t reply you as you comment ..I remember your gravatar also,kkk
        yes, at almond sugar scrub entry=^_^=
        I just searched about air skin fit and luckily found your blog ..
        I am so excited♥

        Thank you, I also followed your bloglovin because I don’t want to miss your entry ..


      • I will follow you back on Bloglovin as well! Looking forward to reading your reviews! 🙂

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