Lip tints and good eats

All that reviewing really took a toll on me. So I’m taking a break from it for a bit. However that doesn’t mean I’m not trying out new products. I bought 8 different lip tints today, all from Peripera. I feel like I’ve been living under a rock, I was literally taking notes as I was researching about the different types of lip tints Peripera had. Seriously, they’ve got markers, crayons, water-based, jelly-based lip tints and who knows what else I missed.

To be honest, I’m not much of a lip girl, as in I totally do a fine job neglecting them. I’ve got a small stash of chap sticks, lip balms, lipsticks and lip glosses that I brought to Korea from home that I rarely touch. My lips are always dried, chapped and gross. So I’ve decided to change! But more on that later.

I just feel like posting pictures of some great eats I had over the weekend. The boyfriend and I tried out two new places and both were really surprisingly good. If you live in Korea, I can provide you with addresses of these places. Just leave a comment below this post.

By the way, I’m a harsh food critic as in I’ve got a picky palate. But I won’t be providing reviews of food/restaurants here, so just enjoy this picture heavy post.

Good Eats #1 – Sushi Way (Suwon)

I’m crazy about raw salmon! Except not with onions.

This was really different but oh so tasty. My boyfriend said the beef was the best.

I was a hesitant to try the raw shrimp but it wasn’t that bad.

More salmon for me!

They served just a tiny bit of rice at the end with the soup but since I’m not that big on rice, I was completely fine with it.

Fish soup served in clay pot. I love Korean food but this is one of the soups I’m not crazy about.

Good Eats #2 – Dwiran (Uiwang)

Garlic bread

Flat bread pizza. I was rendered speechless after a bite of this. Simple yet so delicious.

I’ve never had better.

Nothing particular special about this one. I actually had just a few bites and passed it to the boyfriend while I finished his spaghetti (cream sauce).

Green tea, crackers and pretzels for dessert. A slice of cake would have earned major points but I’ll take the crackers and pretzels. I don’t need the extra calories, I suppose.

Hand made dishes and soaps were displayed for our viewing pleasure. Don’t know about the other items but the soap was for sale.

On a totally different note, is anyone else excited about the new Superman movie as I am? I can’t wait to see it this Friday! Alright, off to take pictures of my lip tints.


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