Holika Holika Mini Haul

Just got back from hanging out with the boyfriend. We swung by Artbox (stationery store chocked full of ultra cute things) and Skin Food today. I also passed by Etude House but I managed to just walk pass it, now that’s some self-control. It was tough but I rather wait for their sales. Seriously, the minute I by something, it goes on sale the following day.

Aside from having some delicious sushi and buying some really cute things at Artbox, I received my order from Holika Holika! Exciting because I’ve been wanting to try this brand ever since I came across several of their products online. I was so tempted to get this:

Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream

But I decided to skip it because it contains parabens.

I love getting deliveries. It's like Christmas all year long.

First purchase from Holika Holika. Love getting stuff delivered to me. Feels like Christmas and I can’t contain my happiness.

I purchased their widely popular Egg Soap, Magic Pole Mascara & Heart Full Moisture Lipstick. The rest are free samples.

Free samples include: Prime Youth Intensive Toner, Make-up Starter & Medi-Medi Magnesium Pack

I’m pretty excited to try out everything but it’s time to go hang out with my little loved ones. When I spend too much time at my computer, I get this look:


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