[Review] SkinFood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume Happy Vanilla & Etude House Eye’s Cream Vanilla Moist

I’ve always been a fan of scented lotion. However I only had bulky tubes and bottles of body lotion & cream and nothing portable friendly. I don’t carry a whole lot in my purse but every little thing that I do have really adds up and puts strain on my shoulder. So when I saw this little stick of cuteness, I thought to myself, that’s so much better than my fat tube of Victoria Secret body lotion.

SkinFood Foodtherapy Stick Perfume in Happy Vanilla

Petite size perfume stick, perfect for carrying around.

Petite size perfume stick, perfect for carrying around.

Skinfood Foodtherapy Perfume Stick Happy Vanilla

At about 2-3 inches tall, this thing is nearly weightless! Skinfood Foodtherapy Stick Perfumes come in five different scents.

No. 1 Refreshing Lemon is described to “revitalize your mind and wake up your senses for a good morning”.
No. 2 Energy Berry is described to “re-energize your mind and ward off afternoon sleepiness”.
No. 3 Happy Vanilla is described to “calm your mind and create a sense of happiness”.
No. 4 Resting Green Tea is described to “relieve fatigue on stressful days”.
No. 5 Milk Tea is described to “relax your mind and promote a good night’s sleep”.

I love the smell of vanilla so I grabbed No. 3 Happy Vanilla. I was really curious about this stick perfume because I had my first experience with this type of product after my purchase of Tony Moly Hello Bunny Perfume Bar. Same concept except I would say Tony Moly wins in terms of product appearance. If you have never tried perfume sticks/bars, they sort of glide on like deodorant.

I paid 9,000 won (approximately $ 9.00) and while I was really spending on impulse, I have to say this is one of the ones I regret picking up. While there are definitely some things I like about it, such as the scent and size, the scent wears off quite quickly.

Here’s the good:
– its petite size makes it travel friendly
– easy to reapply
– tons of product since all you need are a few swipes here and there
– cute packaging
– sweet vanilla scent

And the bad:
– the scent lasts 1-2 hours max on me
– expensive

Since trying Tony Moly Hello Perfume Bar in Coco Floral, I was kinda hoping this one would have longer staying power but it was just a letdown as Tony Moly was. So folks, if you really don’t need to have it, I would probably skip this one.

Etude House Eye’s Cream Vanilla Moist
Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist

Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist

Etude House Eye's Cream Vanilla Moist

Why did I pick up two products with similar size and color in vanilla on the same day? I actually once grabbed this by mistake and started dabbing it on my neck and behind my ears thinking it was my Skinfood Foodtherapy perfume stick. I was so glad no one was around to see that moment.

But isn’t this just adorable? The box it came in made it even more irresistible but I was too impatient then to take pictures. If you google this product, you will find pictures of what it looks like before it’s unboxed. It’s seriously ingenious and absolutely hard to say no to. Strangely though when it’s removed, it seems a whole lot less appealing.

Etude House Eye’s Cream comes in two versions, Vanilla Moist and Mint Cooling. Vanilla Moist has a moisturizing formula and is a brightening and anti-wrinkle eye cream stick. Mint Cooling has SPF 30 and is tailored for those who are seeking for an eye cream to help relieve dark patches around their eyes. So being the Vanilla lover that I am, I of course went with Vanilla Moist.

Honestly, I probably have like 10 different anti-wrinkle products. None of them seem to work either. So I grabbed this because I’ve been searching for products to help combat my awful under eye wrinkles. Sadly, this product does nothing for me but leave a temporarily cooling sensation around my eyes. It doesn’t brighten and it certain doesn’t do anything for my wrinkles.

Here’s the good:
– its size makes it perfect to carry around all day long in your purse
– leaves a cool sensation on the areas of application
– moisturizing for a short bit

And the bad:
– does nothing for my wrinkles and fine lines
– smells nothing like vanilla (so misleading!)
– doesn’t brighten the areas around my eyes

I understand some products will not take effect immediately so I’m willing to continue using this for the next few months or whenever I use it all up to make my final decision. I’ll definitely post updates on this later.


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