[Review] Sunscreen & Etude House Sun Prise Natural Corrector SPF 42 PA++ Review

This will be a lengthy post about sunscreen, why it’s so important and eventually you’ll find my review of Etude House Sun Prise Natural Corrector tucked somewhere in between if not at the end. My plan is to have you convinced by the end of this post to never leave home without sunscreen. Actually, you might even want to wear it at home. Come to think of it, I hope you never go a day without it and reach for it midway through this post if you don’t already have it on.

Personally, I’ve always skipped sun screen as my BB cream usually has at least SPF 25 and I never cared for it unless I spent long periods in the sun (such as at the beach which is basically once or twice a year). I can already see some strong looks of disapproval from religious sunscreen users. Yes, I was one of those people (hangs head in shame). I’ve always found sunscreen greasy and heavy on my skin. Another reason why I never bothered before was because I never felt like I was in the sun long enough. And the part that I hate to admit the most is I’ve never been fully informed about the importance of wearing sunscreen until I took interest in this product (Etude House Sun Prise Natural Corrector) and did some research on sunscreens in general. I will tell you this, I will never again go a day without sunscreen. Mark my words!

The reason why I’m even talking about sunscreen at all is because I figured there may be some people out there like the old me who totally skip it because they’re aren’t fully informed about the dangers of not wearing sunscreen or just lazy (I was guilty of that) to add it to their routine. This post is for those people. I hope this post can be informative and helpful to you as I have learnt a great deal while researching about it. There are plenty of misconceptions about sunscreens so I hope some of it gets cleared up with the information I’ve compiled through dozens of reads on said topic. If you are a sunscreen expert, I shall not bore you with the details of why we should faithfully wear sunscreen. By the way, I’m not an expert on sunscreens either so if you catch anything that reads funny within this post, please do let me know and I’ll have it corrected.

You can skip the lengthy explanation on the importance of sunscreen and scroll down to read my review of Etude House Sun Prise Natural Corrector if you’d like.

– So why wear sunscreen at all and what’s UVA & UVB?

You may or may not know this but we are constantly exposed to harmful sun rays, even on cloudy days, when we are in the comforts of our homes or indoors at work. Even when you think you’re shielded from it, chances are you are being exposed even at minimal amounts.

There are three types of UV rays but I’ll just mention UVA and UVB. We don’t have to concern ourselves with UVC rays as they don’t even reach the Earth’s surface. Thank goodness because we’ve already got enough problems with the first two.

The easiest way to remember and distinguish the two UV rays is to think of it this way: UVA rays are associated with aging and UVB rays are associated with burning (of the skin). Both UVA and UVB rays destroy Vitamin A in our skin and cause damages. Exposure of both rays increases your risk of skin cancer. Here’s how they differ. Too much exposure to UVA rays causes long term damages such as wrinkling, sagging and damage to your skin cells and immune system as these rays penetrate deeper into your skin. So to those who think they are safe from being indoors most of the time, the bad news is UVA rays can and do actually pass through glass. So before you think you’re safe by that window, please reconsider. They also reflect off of water and snow.

-The pricier the sunscreen, the more protection it offers.

Contrary to what you think, some pricier sunscreens don’t even contain the key ingredients to keep your skin safe. When purchasing, do not grab the priciest sunscreen there is, instead look for ones that have “broad-spectrum protection” as they are the ones that offer protection against both UVA and UVB rays. For most of us who don’t burn easily, a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection with SPF15 would be enough. However, if you are fair and burn easily, it is recommended that you find a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection and SPF 30. When you choose a sunscreen, look for the ones that contain Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, and Avobenzone. They contain the best protection against UVA rays. Higher SPF is great as it offers you protection from UVB rays which in turns protects your skin from being burnt while being in the sun. But do keep in mind that SPF 100 does not give you 100% protection. That’s not how it works. If you’d like to read more about how it theoretically works, please visit this link.

– My makeup already has SPF 30.

You still need sunscreen even if you wear makeup with SPF. You would have to wear layer upon layers of foundation or BB cream to get the adequate protection you need. So for those of us who wear BB cream or foundation, it is best to apply sunscreen first even before we put on our daily moisturizers. In order for the sunscreen to work effectively, it has to bind to your clean skin. It is advised that we wait a good 20-30 minutes before continuing our daily skincare routine after applying sunscreen to our skin. If you do not wear makeup, wear sunscreen at least 20-30 minutes prior to leaving your house because it needs time to absorb and take effect.

– A single application of sunscreen should keep me protected throughout the day.

Actually it doesn’t. Within two hours, your sunscreen formula would have degraded and next thing you know, you’re actually left bare and unprotected. For me, it’s nearly impossible to reapply sunscreen throughout the day because once I’m at work, I’m busy until the moment I’m off. If this is the case for you, there are mineral powder sunscreens that you can apply without wrecking your totally made face. If you have allergic reactions to mineral powders there are powders with SPF out there. Pat it on because you’ll need that shield! Make sure you’re protected from the hours of 10am-4pm when sun rays are the strongest!

I’d like to include this bit as well since it seems like a lot of people may not be well informed about these new FDA guidelines:

  • Products that pass a test to show they protect against both UVA and UVB rays will be labeled ‘broad spectrum’ followed by an SPF number

  • Any product with an SPF of 14 or lower and products without broad spectrum status are required to carry a warning that reads, in part, ‘This product has been shown only to help prevent sunburn not skin cancer or early skin aging.’

  • The terms ‘sun block,’ ‘water proof’ and ‘sweat proof’ can no longer be used. Products that pass an FDA test can be labeled ‘water resistant’ up to 40 or 80 minutes.

  • A product can no longer claim to offer all-day protection. All sunscreens must warn users to reapply every two hours.

Source: The Push for Daily Sunscreen

So there you have it. My bit on sunscreen!

So now, onto my review of Etude House Sun Prise Natural Corrector SPF 42 PA++

I got this from my Etude House haul a couple weeks ago. All the products brought from that haul were impulse buys (hangs head in shame for second time). Hey people relieve stress differently! The poor boyfriend accompanied me to four different shops that day and they were all within a few steps of one another. So it was probably interesting for the sales people of each shop to see me walking to the next and coming out with something from each. I was definitely in review mode that day.

Anyway, I picked this up after seeing it at another blogger’s page. What caught my attention were the words “natural corrector”. I had never seen one as a makeup base and it was getting hotter so I thought what the heck, might as well try it out. When we were at the counter to pay, the salesperson told me to grab another tube because it was buy one get one free! HELLO ETUDE HOUSE, YOU ARE MY NEW LOVE.

Tried it out the following day and I immediately liked it. But I made the mistake of applying it after my moisturizer. Mistake noted.

Love the packaging on this one. I'm a sucker for cute packaging, just like I'm a sucker for cute book covers.
Love the packaging on this one. I’m a sucker for cute packaging, just like I’m a sucker for cute book covers.
The cap twists off like it's pictured here. Simply squeeze to get the preferred amount.
The cap twists off like it’s pictured here. Simply squeeze to get the preferred amount.
This sunscreen is said to have 3 effects: wrinkle improvement, skin whitening, serves as make-up base
This sunscreen is said to have 3 effects: wrinkle improvement, skin whitening, serves as make-up base.
It's creamy and pinkish white in color.
It’s creamy and pinkish white in color.
Applied and being blended.
Applied and being blended.
Application complete!
Application complete!

I have to say I really like this as a makeup base. It whitens and leaves my skin feeling pretty moisturized. The sunscreen itself is lightweight so I don’t experience any heaviness after applying it. Neither is it greasy, it actually dries to a matte finish on me. It really does prime your skin for a much smoother makeup application. To be completely honest, after applying this and letting it set, I sometimes don’t want to wear BB cream on top of it because it blends in quite well and leaves a more natural look on my skin.

Here’s the good:

–          SPF 42 PA++ (protection from UVB rays, checked!)
–          whitens
–          not greasy, dries to a matte finish
–          leaves skin soft and works as a base for those wearing foundation or BB Cream
–          small & travel friendly
–          does not feel heavy on your skin
–          contains both Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide (protection from UVA rays, checked!)

And the bad:

–          no noted difference on my wrinkles (still sitting there, snug and all!)
–          quite pricey for just 50 grams, runs for 8,500 won (roughly $8.50)

As you can see, I can’t think of many cons. I quite like this product and I’ve been thinking about repurchasing it already (gave the second tube to the boyfriend to use at work). But since I’d like to review other sunscreens out there, such as ones by Innisfree and Tony Moly, I might just hold back from the second purchase just to see what else is out there. However, I do believe this is a great sunscreen for those who want to wear it as a base under their makeup. It does really help your makeup glide on smoothly. In addition it does whiten your skin upon application. As for wrinkle improvement, it might happen in the long run? It’s too early too tell so I might edit this entry if I notice any improvement with lines.

Give this one  a try, you might just like it! If not this product, please do try out other sunscreens. Love your skin and wear your sunscreen!


14 responses to “[Review] Sunscreen & Etude House Sun Prise Natural Corrector SPF 42 PA++ Review

  1. It’s that the only color base or is it different skin tone for sunscreen? I think that would be too light for my skin, since you know Texas heat really darken your skin.

    • Since this is a sunscreen, it comes in just one color. I don’t think it’ll be too light on you though. Some sunscreens leave a white cast but this one blends quite nicely.

    • To be completely honest, I’m going to have to say I’m not completely sure. While it does make my skin appear brighter, it’s nothing dramatic. I wait a good 20-25 minutes for it to absorb before I apply moisturizer, primer and then BB cream. However, one of the three effects that comes with this sunscreen is whitening, so it’s hard to say. Are you currently using another sunscreen that leaves a white cast? Sorry I’m not of much help!

  2. “But I made the mistake of applying it after my moisturizer. Mistake noted”.??
    I thought sunscreen should apply after moisturizer?

    • Chemical sunscreens must go on before moisturizers since they need time to bind to our skin in order to effectively give it the protection that it needs. Physical sunscreens can go on before or after moisturizer. Some experts recommend applying sunscreen before any other skincare products so that we can receive the protection that the it offers. It’s probably best to apply it right after you have cleansed your face. If you’ve got a chemical sunscreen than it should go on before moisturizer. However if you’ve got a physical one, then before or after wouldn’t really matter. It just goes on more evenly for before moisturizer for me.

      • Doesn’t it have zinc oxide and titanium oxide as active ingredients? Aren’t they physical sunscreens?

      • Yes, it does. I didn’t provide the full ingredient list when I reviewed this last year as it wasn’t available on the packaging. You can find the full list on etudehouse.co.kr but yes it does contain zinc oxide and titanium oxide.

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    • I’ve switched up my routine. It used to be sunscreen first but now it’s sunscreen last (just before makeup). So my current order is: toner -> moisturizer -> sunscreen

    • Yes, you can remove regular sunscreens with a normal facial cleanser and waterproof ones with an oil-based makeup remover.

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